Perks Your Company Can Offer to Attract Scientific Talent

Perks Your Company Can Offer to Attract Scientific Talent


Attracting and retaining talent can be a huge headache. Attracting scientific talent can be even more challenging. If your company offers certain perks, you can have a competitive advantage. There are a lot of ways to provide simple perks for employees at your company that will help to attract new talent to your organization.

Benefits package

Offering a good benefits package is a great way to attract any talent. Most often, staff in the scientific field have spent time in school and acquiring certifications. They are ready for a nice benefits package along with a stellar job! Providing a comprehensive benefits package also shows potential employees you care about the well-being of your workers. For example, more vacation time or more affordable healthcare is a big draw for potential employees. Another benefit employees tend to seek out is a 401K match program.

Healthy Options

Promoting wellness among employees doesn’t only improve morale in the current workplace, it shows a great culture to outsiders. Workplaces that offer gym memberships, in-office workout facilities or trainer led fitness classes are appealing to new employees. Other ways to promote a healthy environment is to offer nutritious lunch options (whether in a vending machine or pairing up with a local chef) or to bring in wellness experts for exams, consultations, massages and more. The scientific field can come with long, stressful days. Make sure potential employees are aware how much you care about their well-being.

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Flexible Work

A lot of companies are shifting into flexible work opportunities. Depending on the type of scientific work an employee is in charge of, working from home or an offsite location is a nice perk. If work is not able to be done at home, an alternative option is flexible in-office hours. This is especially attractive to employees with children. For example, if a parent wants to see their child off to school in the morning then come into work, their work day will extend longer into the afternoon, but it will be satisfying for them. Flexible work is an especially big trend with younger generations and something potential employees are starting to look for in a company.

Employee Rewards Programs

Employee reward programs are a way for managers, or fellow coworkers, to show appreciation to one another for good work. Depending on the system your company implements, reward points or actual dollar amounts can be given out for any reason you choose. It is also easy to relate to the field of work. If employees attend scientific-based conferences and lectures, they receive points. If employees are doing a great job and a manager heard a good review or saw exceptional work, they have the ability to give that employee a certain number of points. These points are then able to be redeemed for prizes, gift cards and tickets. Employee rewards are a nice way to attract talent by showing your organization is focused on individual work.

Take an inventory of the perks your company already offers and decide how you can improve to attract new, qualified talent. If your company is in need of new talent, contact an Alliance Scientific Solutions recruiter for assistance with the talent search.

Women in Science: Navigating a Male-Dominated Profession

Women in Science: Navigating a Male-Dominated Profession


Women make up half of the college-educated workforce in America, but only 29 percent of the engineering and science positions are filled by women, according to the National Girls Collaborative Project. Navigating a male dominated profession can be stressful at times, but there are ways to ensure success along with helping other women in science navigate through the field as well.

Find a strong support system

If you’re working in the field of science as a woman, there may be times you feel the need to talk with other women outside of your male-dominated workplace. Reach out to fellow women in your profession and try to form relationships. Professional development associations, like, AWISThe Association for Women in Science, can help you network and find other women with similar workplace experiences. Making strong connections with other women in science can help advance your career in the future as well.

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Assert yourself in the workplace

In any job, you have to prove your worth at work before your coworkers believe in you. Make sure to be proud of the work you are doing and view yourself as an equal. Once your coworkers know all of the great work you can do, and they notice you’re confident in the work you’re doing, they are more likely treat you with the same respect as your male counterparts. Take credit for your successes and speak up when you have ideas on projects – even if they aren’t in your realm. Involve yourself in cross-functional initiatives to stay engaged and valuable.

Help other women in science

With low numbers of women in the field, it’s easy for strong and meaningful bonds to be formed. If you are a woman working in science, reach out to other women and offer guidance and support. Taking on the role of a mentor is a great way to give back and offer support to another woman working in the field. This will not only help you enhance the career of other women in science, it shines a positive light on women in the field and helps pave a pathway for more women to pursue careers in science.

If you are a woman in science and looking for new opportunities or to make new connections in your field, contact an Alliance Scientific Solutions recruiter today to learn about opportunities.