If you are interested in helping to preserve the environment, renewable energy career opportunities are flourishing. As each year passes, more renewable energy opportunities are added to the workforce. According to Fortune.com, renewable energy is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. Here are some of the quickest growing fields:

Wind Turbine Technician

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a wind turbine technician is the fastest growing profession in America. With a 107 percent growth rate by 2024, this profession holds immense job security. A wind turbine technician helps to install, repair and clean wind turbines. This profession can be taken on after completing certain programs in a technical school. If you are looking for a rapidly growing field, not to mention one that’s helping the environment, this may be the right job for you.

Sustainability Professional

This is a flexible title, meaning it can cover a lot of specific positions. Mainly this is a professional skilled in taking existing products and making them more energy efficient. This is different than builders and engineers that, most times, create something brand new. Sustainability professionals work on projects like making business buildings or complexes more eco-friendly.

Smart Car Engineer

As cars become smarter and cleaner, the demand for engineers to design the cars rises. This profession focuses on creating and testing cars using clean energy to operate. Smart car engineers are at the front end of innovation, constantly finding new ways for transportation to run even better on renewable energy. These jobs are growing by thousands each year, inviting new workers into the clean energy field.

Solar Cell Technicians

According to the European Commission, solar cell production has doubled each year for the past 10 years. Harvesting power and energy from the sun is forward-thinking and becoming a more and more popular practice. Solar cell technicians are needed in greater quantities as the field continues to grow.

Green Construction Work

Green construction is booming. When building their homes, people are choosing to incorporate environmentally friendly practices that need to be designed and installed by professionals. These professionals are in the green construction or green builder category, and are seeing a bright career outlook.

If you are ready for a fulfilling career helping facilitate renewable energy, one of these amazing career opportunities might be for you. Contact an Alliance Scientific Solutions recruiter for assistance finding your next renewable resource job.