Finding top quality talent for your company isn’t always an easy task, especially when you work in a specialized field like the scientific industry. If you’re in a hiring role, tasked with staffing scientific workers, you might be searching for Chemists, Laboratory Technicians, Biologists and more. So how do you make sure you find the best workers for your open positions?

Here are three things to keep in mind when looking for top quality scientific talent:

1. Look in the right place

Who has time to read through thousands of resumes from unqualified applicants? If you’re receiving mostly unqualified candidates, maybe it’s time to reassess where you are searching for talent. You want quality, not quantity. If you’re using primarily general job boards, an industry specific site might better suit your needs. Are you hiring a Chemist? Try a chemistry field job board. There are job boards and staffing services out there (like Alliance Scientific Solutions) that specialize in filling scientific positions specifically. Chances are, specialized job boards will help you bring in more qualified resumes.

2. Get the timing right

Now that you’re thinking about the right place, it’s time to talk about the right time. In an ideal world, your open position would get filled very quickly. While it’s possible that could happen, it doesn’t always work out that way. Be prepared for hiring to take some time. According to the Indeed Hiring Lab, more than 25 percent of jobs stay open for at least 60 days. You want to be selective when staffing your workforce. Don’t settle! A helpful tip is to publicize your job opening immediately. If possible, start sharing your job posting, or enlisting the help of a recruiter, 60 days before the position’s start date. This will help you avoid downtime that could hurt your company.

3. Be visible

A skilled recruiter can help bring top talent to you, but it can’t hurt to put your own efforts into finding talent, too! Make sure your job postings are as descriptive as possible. Incorporate keywords that potential candidates might search for when seeking opportunities. Utilize your company’s social media channels. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share engaging content that’s specific to your industry. If you put out interesting information that’s relevant to your ideal employee, they will visit your channels to learn from your content. When those ideal candidates are ready to search for a new job, they’ll think of you first.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to hire top quality scientific employees in an efficient manner. If you need help finding top talent, contact Alliance Scientific Solutions! We staff scientific industry positions daily. We find the best candidates and only send the most qualified talent. Call us today: (866) 939-0100.