It can be tricky to find the talent you need in the scientific field. Many scientists rely on their network to find work and haven’t found their digital presence, but there is still a place for social and digital media in your recruitment efforts.

Scientists spend their lives researching, looking for the next discovery and sharing and discussing with others. What platform is better for that than social media, where anyone can talk to anyone else around the world? By using digital media, you can now share nearly anything in real time.

Here are some strategies to use when recruiting scientific talent through social and digital media:

  1. Make sure your company has a social media presence. The basics of this typically include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Publish industry news frequently to keep your pages active. Be sure to engage with those who interact with your pages.
  2. Let people in. Post about your company culture on your social media. Congratulate employees on anniversaries, announce awards you’ve won, post photos of the last conference you attended or raise awareness of a charity that your company supports. This will give outsiders some insight into your company culture.
  3. Use video. Video interviews are a great way to really connect with applicants, but take this a step further by creating a video job description. When you’re recruiting for a position, create a video that shows the work the employee will be doing, interviews with other workers and other information about the site and duties.
  4. Create your own content. Use your expertise to write industry articles that touch on current events and news. Take your own approach and support it with facts or case studies to show that you are a thought leader and expert in your field.

Use these strategies to set yourself apart in the digital sphere and attract scientific candidates. Those who are already using social and digital platforms will take notice of your company presence and know exactly where to look for their next career opportunity.

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